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4/F, Win Century Centre, No. 2A Mongkok Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tai Tin Amusement Ltd. was founded as a small size trade house in trading of accessories for video game console in 1990. Due to the shortage of resources, we have concentrated our business in the local market. Subsequent to the economic development of Hong Kong, we grew rapidly and accumulated valued experience in various sectors of the video game, arcade business. During the period in early 90s, we established our first game arcade and the creation of our first video game machine were also successfully launched. Today, our scopes of business are also involved in computer trading and the production of various products for the game industry.

We have been assigned by a number of major Japanese video game manufacturers such as Sega and Bandai Namco as their distributor for Hong Kong and the Great China Region after being involved in the industry for more than a decade. Furthermore, we are also the strategic partners of International leading enterprises such as Capcom, Taito, SNK, Sammy, Banpresto and IGS.

Meanwhile, Tai Tin is one of the dominate supplier of game console in Asia, our market share in Hong Kong is more than 65%. We have established our own brand name – “Smart Game” and are prepared to lead the game console into a new era. From interior design, the variety of games and the operation system of “Smart Game” are deliberately created for the best benefit and enjoyment of our customers. We have established more than 20 game arcades during the past few years, those venues located in different area of Hong Kong and our network is most likely the largest one in the Pearl Delta area. Moreover, we have developed our own “value card”, our customers can add value at all our centres. This card can replace token and has security proof, there will be extremely safe and not need to encounter the risk of lost card.

Toward the future, we will increase our portion of investment at the huge market of China, in order to extend our market share and work together with the game manufacturers all over the world. We care each and every customer, particular concern about the after-sales service, we have an excellent team with competent staff members to serve our valuable customers throughout the regions.

We will perform the best to achieve our mission, to provide a more trendy, fashionable and high quality enjoyment for our customers.


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